MENA Juke Box 

A computerized version of the common juke box used in pubs, bars and other entertainment places. It was initially developed to fulfill a desire by those known personally to the lead programmer but it quickly became apparent that its potential far outstripped its humble origins and was developed into the product available here.


You can access your music using a simple yet powerful interface that is close to a Jukebox.


The BACKGROUND PICTURE can be changed to user specific needs using pictures (JPG format) of your choice.


Extracting your music from your AUDIO CDs and MP3:

Audio tracks and mp3 songs ( from local drives on your computer or a network ) are fed into the system using an  integrated STUDIO QUALITY AUDIO CD Ripper ( 256 - 320 Kbps ) and an MP3 EXTRACTOR.


Unlimited number of  ADVERTISEMENTS and other information can be displayed at specific pre-defined intervals.


An advanced SORTING system makes it easy to sort music by TITLE, ARTIST and GENRE.


The system supports MULTI-LANGUAGES and the user selection screen displays Alphabetic selection buttons in any two languages of your choice.


The system supports PC systems with TOUCH SCREEN MONITORS   and press button arrows replace the scroll bars to eliminate the need for a mouse or keyboard.


For more info please email info@waheedeltom.com
User Interface Background








Touch Screen Monitors