MENA True Type Font
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  The first COPTIC LANGUAGE true type font (1995) with automated DJINKIM, OVERLINING and DOUBLE UNDERLINING for use on PCs running Windows 3.1 and higher..
  As the name of the font name suggests, this font is dedicated to the great Coptic martyr


  MENA True Type font is a scalable font that appears in a printed document exactly as it appears on the screen. This font is based on the Coptic Alphabet's 32  Capital (upper case) characters and 32 Small (lower case) characters. Due to the fact that the Coptic language does not use standard digits for the formation of numbers, a special combination procedure is programmed to enable the user to write numbers.
  Coptic Djinkim (  '  )  key will automatically adjust the space between the Djinkim and the following character. There are two Djinkim key, one for the Capital letters and one for the Small letters.
  The MENA font uses one key to perform the overlining in addition to the respective character.


The character grid size is set to 4096 points  X - Y ( horizontal - vertical ) for clarity and readability even in very small font sizes (6 - 8).

 The minimum and the maximum size of the characters in unlimited, depending solely on the software being used.

 The font can be underlined, bolded, italicized or coloured as with other true type fonts, depending on the software being used.

 MENA font can be used exclusively or combined with other fonts. The numbering and djinkim procedures used for the Coptic language characters and numbers do not affect or change the characteristics of any other fonts used beside MENA font.

  All the letters of the MENA True Type font can be capitalized,

  Download instruction:
  To download the font and the documentation, press the button below.
UNZIP the file to a directory/folder using WINZIP or any other program of the type. 
Install the font the Windows normal way.