MENA Address Book Guardian
( Discontinued )
A powerful encryption and backup/restore utility for the OUTLOOK EXPRESS email client ADDRESS BOOK

It minimizes the risk of " Email Addresses Viruses" by encrypting the OUTLOOK EXPRESS ADDRESS BOOK and hiding it. When you need to send emails, the program decrypts the address book and unhide it. In the unfortunate event of a virus attack, the virus does not find a valid address book to access or a BLANK address book and thus no email addresses to send itself to.
The integrated BACKUP and RESTORE utilities simplifies backing up and restoring your address book either to/from a drive in the local computer or other network computers.
On running the program, it automatically minimizes to the TRAY area and all the functions can be accessed from there by a SINGLE CLICK on the tray icon.
MENA Address Book Guardian is shareware.
You can evaluate it with all the functions enabled for 60 trial launches for free. After the evaluation period the ENCRYPT and BACKUP functions are DISABLED. 
If you want to keep it after the evaluation period is up, you will have to register.
Price & Order:
The price to register a single copy of MENA ADDRESS BOOK GUARDIAN is only $39.95. You can order MENA ADDRESS BOOK GUARDIAN securely online by our payment processor 
Acceptable payment methods include major credit cards(Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express), checks, phone orders, fax orders.
To register now please click on the link below:


Minimum Requirements:
Windows 2000, Windows XP or later.
Microsoft Outlook Express 6.0 or later.
Pentium 200MHZ or higher.
64 MB Ram.
5 MB disk space.
Internet access for Registration and Updates.

The INSTALL file is compressed in ZIP format. After downloading the ins-mena-olk.zip install file, Unzip it using WINZIP or any other compatible software to a folder of your choice, then run the setup.exe . The installer will create a short cut in the STARTUP folder to AUTO LOAD when windows start. 
(file size: 2.0MB)

Please close all running programs before install. In case you encounter any error messages, click IGNORE. This might happen if other software with similar OCX or DLL is running in the background.